I have not been on here for quite some time. I am going to change the direction of the site a bit.

I am going to move away from politics and religion completely. I am annoyed with both political parties. I think both are pure scum. I simply want to create and showcase creativity. Anyway, Here is a simple collage I did today.

I simply want to create and showcase creativity. Anyway, Here is a simple collage I did today.

I made it from a photo I took, a stock picture of old playing cards and of-course Hieronymus Bosch “Limbo.”

Morning Notes and Coffee

So, I started listening to motivational broadcasts. Ok, so they are a little silly. I am trying to gain more energy, though. When I get back from work, I am exhausted.

It saddens me how exhausted I am. I have heard exercise helps to increase your energy levels. I have heard eating right helps to increase them. So, I will try them.

There is also the afternoon 28 – 30-minute power nap, which is said to increase energy and refresh the mind. I will try that.

The key is to just do it and not to think about it too much.

They also say to write your goals down and not simply to mentally schedule them. I will try it. I believe they say it helps because, otherwise, you will procrastinate on the goals you have made a mental note of.

Currently, I am listening to jazz. Miles Davis to be exact. I should get into more jazz. It allows one to concentrate more than straight rock and roll.

Jazz is also supposed to help with language and writing. It is only what I have heard. I am not an expert musicologist, nor have I done extensive research on this declaration. All I know is the music does seem to relax me and allow me to think clearer, which is always a good thing.

Cultural Ambassadorship Goes to the Nuthouse

SJWs ( i.e. social justice warriors) are racist.  They are racist because they are obsessed with skin pigmentation and cultural background.

SJWs insist a person’s ancestors are more important than the individual. This attitude is antithetical to progress.

If you are a white, straight male you cannot have an opinion on trends of a people group different than your own. This attitude is supposed to be about being inclusive. Sadly, this attitude spurs on the opposite response.

It puts someone of normative behavior trends, who comes from the dominant regional cultural group, in a peculiar position. Suddenly, the right to comment on cultural behavior different than their perceived norm have been made null and void.

It does not matter this person’s statements are correct or incorrect. Those of the dominating cultural group cannot discuss them because they are of the normative group of a region.

It also bad, apparently, to adopt innovative ideas from a neighboring culture. Suddenly, a behavioral trade, which had spurred on progress through the history of humankind, is  racist.

So, from this, one can gather they hate much of the great cultural thought leading to insights into our psychology and sociology.

So, evidently, one can gather they hate the foundations and developments of the cultures around the world they seek to ambassador for or appease

This evaluation is evident because the cultures from around the world borrowed traits of the various groups they came into contact with from war, trade or discovery.

When these groups met with one another they had opinions of one another’s behavior. These opinions ranged from positive to negative. These groups took what they liked and discarded what they did not like or did not find useful.

Off course, these opinions may have been influenced by their personal bias based upon the contrast these behaviors had to the culture they were raised with. It does not matter. The importance was some of these groups put pen to paper to communicate their opinions to others. Those others who lent an ear to these opinions could decide whether these opinions were based upon rational critic, ignorance or  intolerance.

Rant about nothing imparticular.

So, I go typing and thinking. What shall I type up today? I do not know. I suppose I shall just type and watch the keys flow as they make dainty little alphabetical indentations across the screen like a stream.  Yes, flow out like water or, perhaps, something more sinister. Who knows?

Who knows anything anymore in the corrupt state of affairs we seem to find ourselves in? Who can we trust? Well, I do not think I can answer at this point.

All it seems I or anyone else can do, at this point, is to toy with what we have available and see how it turns out.

Currently, am I bored? You bet your life I am. Each day the same thing. Well, soon I will be packing and heading for a promised land. Well, not exactly promised. Well, I declare the land I move to promised in that I will promise to myself, which seems to me to be as good a promise as any.

Currently, I can do nothing but to break free and the thoughts sprung from my mind trace their imprints upon the keyboard.

I know I am ranting and have not uttered much info out my mouth today. I promise I may soon.

Why the delay of possible info I could spew out. Well, I have been busy earning dough. Yes, dough. I know. I know the term dough is cliché. I should just say money.

The good old-fashioned dollars and cents. I am living to save. I am living to drift my eyes on the northern parts of the country with my worldly and eager eyes set firmly and proudly into place.

Saving For the Move

Saving saving saving. I am saving to move up North. I have a decent amount saved so far. I am saving most of what I earn for the big move. I am not quite sure where to go yet, but I am saving, nonetheless. I am looking for a place that gets cold. Yes, I like cold weather.

I happen to hate heat.So, I am moving far away from Texas with two fingers pointed directed toward the state as I cross the border.

Another reason I am moving is transportation. I have a disability which prevents me from driving. It is not something I can help. So, I am moving to an area, which has good transportation available.

Essentially, I am looking to more to a Northern city, which has low-cost housing available and good public transportation.

Do We Need Additional Media Interference?

The problem with computerized glasses, watches, etc; which are offered to us by companies in addition to tablets, phones, laptops and desktops is most people have no desire for additional digital interference. We are already over-inundated with them. We are already annoyed at our partners, friends and business associates when they pull them out. Why would we want more distraction?

Distraction is precisely what these additional computerized toys serve to us on their over glamorized media-circuits. I grant much of life is boring and stressful. I grant most of us live paycheck to paycheck. I grant the web has opened a wealth of knowledge to the masses without one having to make a trip to the local library.

I grant all of this, however, none of this addition media-static-interference is making us smarter. Usually, for most, the wealth of distractions available to us at the touch of a key, a swipe of the screen and the blast of the vocal chords steers us to participate in more paranoid and, perhaps, more frantic and impulsive behavior.

Multi-National Advertisement

Many multi-National Corporations care about publicity. This does not mean they care about much outside themselves.

Many multi-national companies are going to go the pro-LGBT route. They are going to go the route because most care about bottom-line issues.

Truthfully, if money increases with acceptance of LGBT folks, they will cater. Most will not aid individuals with disabilities unless forced or they see a commercial advantage – monetarily or through publicity.

It is more people are openly LGBT so I will be as well. It does not concern a turn of morals.

Companies, which change via public opinion, are fake liberals. They are neither more nor less liberal than Ayn Rand or Donald Trump.

This attitude is not new. It has existed throughout history.

Do we really believe the colonialist attitude has disappeared? If we do, we are naïve.

Many multi-national companies seek to acquire more money, despite shady tactics  used to acquire it. Many will absorb resources and pollute, without thought of the consequences.

Morality is often not a factor when making a decision. It only is factored when a code of law prevents them from doing it.

The colonialist no longer wears the crown, but a suit. They no longer live in a palace, but a mansion. They no longer oversea countries, but multi-national corporations.

Thoughts ( controversial)

Most economists and population experts agree humanity cannot continue to increase, at the current rate, and expect to achieve a result beneficial to the human population as a whole. The world cannot sustain it. There is not enough food or other resources to handle it.

Since the scarcity of life-maintaining resources will increase with the increase of human population, poverty and mass starvation will result.

When there is a scarcity of resources their is a growth of tension between ethnic, religious and ideological roots. Competition for resources is increased as a result of this tension.

Soon there are cries for ethnic cleansing or suppression of resource-competing groups. It is wrong to eliminate an ethnic, religious or ideological group to decrease a population, however.

Despite the tension caused from a mass increase of human population in an environment with limited resources, Many religions encourage families to be fruitful and multiply and preach against family planning. 

They are told by their preachers and teachers they will be blessed if they increase their numbers and do not take steps to plan and limit it.

Despite the preachments of many clerics, continued unrestrained increase leads to poverty and crime, nonetheless, and seldom result in a shower of blessings on a population.

There is no shower of blessings to be witnessed by a population because a community can only accommodate the employment and housing needs of a certain number of individuals at a given time.

Poverty grows with a reduction in employment positions and an increase in human population. Crime increases with an increase in poverty.

No women wants to have an abortion. Poor teenage pregnant women will face poverty if they do not abort because they lack the time to take care of the child and economically provide for their well-being, however.

If, however, you give women rights over their reproductive processes you will see an increase in the wealth of a community.


Everybody knows on here I do not like the GOP. Everybody knows I think there is something seriously wrong with their supporters mentally. Yes, I admit they used to be saner.

William F. Buckley was alright. He was not one of the batshit crazies we see polluting the television screens now who bask and praise their own madness. At least, Buckley thought there was something morally and mentally wrong with Ayn Rand and her ideas.

Is it true madness or is it a madness they create to lure in the stupid populace? This is the real question. Philosophical treatises could be written on this subject. ( perhaps they should be)

They did not used to be a bunch of tinfoil heads. The South is the worst when it comes to the GOP, though, there are crazy tinfoil heads everywhere who believe there are hidden messages from Satan bleeding through the television sets, computer screens and radios.

People like Pat Robertson and Alex Jones are key individuals responsible for turning ordinary adults into batches of Loony Toons.

Fox News is an entire network who should be held liable for mass lie production, which tilts Americans to madness — a madness throwing them away from their personal interests.

These people have not yet realized just because you cannot explain something does not mean it is a conspiracy. Often, there are simple reason for apparent odd phenomena. These people go crazy when they see triangles and single eyes.

Triangles are great stabilizers and the single eye has been a symbol since the dawn of time. It has been used to represent Horus, YWH, and knowledge.

Heck, many freak out every time they see the back of a dollar bill it seems. I would hate to exist in their minds. If they really believe what they profess, it must be a very scary place within their mental regions.

Yes, there are a few people who control loads of wealth. This is not a conspiracy. This is simple human greed — a greed which needs to be curbed through the closing of loopholes in the law.

Yes, there is an immigration problem. Yes, there are Islamic people who are terrorists. This fact does not mean you ship everyone who is not exactly legal out and ban all Muslims from entering the country.

I think the key item of note with our border problem is to say the American people should not be required to cater to someone not knowing English and the American people do not have to pay for any welfare or healthcare benefits for people who come to this country illegally. We should also have laws in place that penalize companies from hiring illegal immigrants.

This should be the end of what we implement. We do not need to hurt illegal immigrants. We do not need to have mass deportations. We do not need to build a giant Great Wall of America.

We should treat America like a club. American citizens are automatically members. In order to take advantage of the benefits of the club, you are first required to become a member through the process of becoming a citizen.

If their own communities want to help them, that is great. This does not need to be funded by American tax dollars, which should be going to support American citizens.


The Difficulty in Niche Finding

It is difficult to find a niche. People think “Oh It’s easy.” I disagree. It is not easy to find a niche if you are male and not into sports. If you are are a sports fan, then it is easy. If you are not a sports fan, are sympathetic to the feminist plight, and are not really a gamer, then the difficulty compounds.

Most magazines on store shelves are catered to women. This is because women remain the purchasing agent of the house. If they are not catered to women, the magazines are often a news or sports magazine. I grant there are a few variety male magazines, but there are not many – especially, compared to the variety of female magazines on store shelves.

I think it would be great to start up a male variety blog. It would be a positive one dedicated to the positive side of male empowerment. This is not sexist. Women have loads of female empowerment mags. They are often positive. Many of the male empowerment mags focus on the chauvinistic side of male empowerment.

So, I will likely start up a new blog dedicated to that subject. It will have a short story section, a section of an important contemporary male icon, a section of an important historic male icon, a section dedicated to new gadgets, a section dedication to an adventure of some sort outdoor or scholarly.

Essentially, it will be focused on building up the male ego in a positive rather than a negative way.