Why Arguments Against Same Sex Marraige Do Not Make Sense (commentary)

The arguments opposed to same sex marriage do not have weight.

The oppentents of same sex marraige have a personal-associative-relationhip-problem. Same sex marriage does not affect these opponents physical or psychological well being.

Same sex marriage does not cause a depletion of their bank account nor does it directly cause them physical or emotional harm.

Those against same sex marriage often claim these nuptials will destroy the family unit. Family units are destroyed by infidelity and lack of proper care and attention to ones spouse. The family unit is not destroyed by who one chooses to marry.

The other argument they present is same sex marriage is against the “Bible.”

This argument does not bode well because “Torah”-driven-ordinances and punishment are far more dashed out for the worship of idols.

The arguement lacks weight because there are many who pray to graven images in the United States.

For instance, Hindus pray to statues. Hindu temples are littered with statues and the pomp and service dedicated toward those statues. Should we ban Hindus from practicing their religion in the United States?

I doubt  Devine-ordained-destrution will occur from gay people becoming married, if divine-ordained-destruction has not occurred from Hindus practicing their faith in the country.

Also, “Levital” statutes say not to sleep with a man as a woman. A monogamous gay man does sleep with a man as a woman because he A.) Does not sleep with women B.) The process used to perform intercourse with a man, though it is sometimes used with women, is not a position used when one sleeps with a woman for the purposes of procreation. So, we can say most homosexual do not sleep with a man as a woman.

If you want to go further, many homosexual men do not engage in sodomy. They engage in philacio, which does not penetrate into the interior of a partner’s body.

If you want to go further, the punishments in the “Torah” are only valid if they are seen doing the infraction by two witnesses.

Unless one engages in intercourse in public, which one should not do anyway, one cannot be accused of a homosexual act.

Also, another problem with trying to implement “Torah” law is this code is only binding in the state of Israel and on Jewish people.

Since the United States is not Israel nor are the majority of people within the United States Jewish, “Torah” law is not binding.

Some opponents say “Just do not call it marriage call it a civil union.” Now I am not fully familiar with the differences between the two. Honesty, if someone wanting a different term has to with only allowing tax breaks for couples with children, then have tax breaks only available with couples with children.

Individuals in a childless marriage should not receive any tax breaks a single person is not entitled to.

A tax break should only occur when an extra burden is added on an individual or individuals. If there is not an added burden, there should be not additional tax break for the person.