Morning Notes and Coffee

So, I started listening to motivational broadcasts. Ok, so they are a little silly. I am trying to gain more energy, though. When I get back from work, I am exhausted.

It saddens me how exhausted I am. I have heard exercise helps to increase your energy levels. I have heard eating right helps to increase them. So, I will try them.

There is also the afternoon 28 – 30-minute power nap, which is said to increase energy and refresh the mind. I will try that.

The key is to just do it and not to think about it too much.

They also say to write your goals down and not simply to mentally schedule them. I will try it. I believe they say it helps because, otherwise, you will procrastinate on the goals you have made a mental note of.

Currently, I am listening to jazz. Miles Davis to be exact. I should get into more jazz. It allows one to concentrate more than straight rock and roll.

Jazz is also supposed to help with language and writing. It is only what I have heard. I am not an expert musicologist, nor have I done extensive research on this declaration. All I know is the music does seem to relax me and allow me to think clearer, which is always a good thing.

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