Rant about nothing imparticular.

So, I go typing and thinking. What shall I type up today? I do not know. I suppose I shall just type and watch the keys flow as they make dainty little alphabetical indentations across the screen like a stream.  Yes, flow out like water or, perhaps, something more sinister. Who knows?

Who knows anything anymore in the corrupt state of affairs we seem to find ourselves in? Who can we trust? Well, I do not think I can answer at this point.

All it seems I or anyone else can do, at this point, is to toy with what we have available and see how it turns out.

Currently, am I bored? You bet your life I am. Each day the same thing. Well, soon I will be packing and heading for a promised land. Well, not exactly promised. Well, I declare the land I move to promised in that I will promise to myself, which seems to me to be as good a promise as any.

Currently, I can do nothing but to break free and the thoughts sprung from my mind trace their imprints upon the keyboard.

I know I am ranting and have not uttered much info out my mouth today. I promise I may soon.

Why the delay of possible info I could spew out. Well, I have been busy earning dough. Yes, dough. I know. I know the term dough is cliché. I should just say money.

The good old-fashioned dollars and cents. I am living to save. I am living to drift my eyes on the northern parts of the country with my worldly and eager eyes set firmly and proudly into place.

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