Do We Need Additional Media Interference?

The problem with computerized glasses, watches, etc; which are offered to us by companies in addition to tablets, phones, laptops and desktops is most people have no desire for additional digital interference. We are already over-inundated with them. We are already annoyed at our partners, friends and business associates when they pull them out. Why would we want more distraction?

Distraction is precisely what these additional computerized toys serve to us on their over glamorized media-circuits. I grant much of life is boring and stressful. I grant most of us live paycheck to paycheck. I grant the web has opened a wealth of knowledge to the masses without one having to make a trip to the local library.

I grant all of this, however, none of this addition media-static-interference is making us smarter. Usually, for most, the wealth of distractions available to us at the touch of a key, a swipe of the screen and the blast of the vocal chords steers us to participate in more paranoid and, perhaps, more frantic and impulsive behavior.

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