Multi-National Advertisement

Many multi-National Corporations care about publicity. This does not mean they care about much outside themselves.

Many multi-national companies are going to go the pro-LGBT route. They are going to go the route because most care about bottom-line issues.

Truthfully, if money increases with acceptance of LGBT folks, they will cater. Most will not aid individuals with disabilities unless forced or they see a commercial advantage – monetarily or through publicity.

It is more people are openly LGBT so I will be as well. It does not concern a turn of morals.

Companies, which change via public opinion, are fake liberals. They are neither more nor less liberal than Ayn Rand or Donald Trump.

This attitude is not new. It has existed throughout history.

Do we really believe the colonialist attitude has disappeared? If we do, we are naïve.

Many multi-national companies seek to acquire more money, despite shady tactics  used to acquire it. Many will absorb resources and pollute, without thought of the consequences.

Morality is often not a factor when making a decision. It only is factored when a code of law prevents them from doing it.

The colonialist no longer wears the crown, but a suit. They no longer live in a palace, but a mansion. They no longer oversea countries, but multi-national corporations.

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