Everybody knows on here I do not like the GOP. Everybody knows I think there is something seriously wrong with their supporters mentally. Yes, I admit they used to be saner.

William F. Buckley was alright. He was not one of the batshit crazies we see polluting the television screens now who bask and praise their own madness. At least, Buckley thought there was something morally and mentally wrong with Ayn Rand and her ideas.

Is it true madness or is it a madness they create to lure in the stupid populace? This is the real question. Philosophical treatises could be written on this subject. ( perhaps they should be)

They did not used to be a bunch of tinfoil heads. The South is the worst when it comes to the GOP, though, there are crazy tinfoil heads everywhere who believe there are hidden messages from Satan bleeding through the television sets, computer screens and radios.

People like Pat Robertson and Alex Jones are key individuals responsible for turning ordinary adults into batches of Loony Toons.

Fox News is an entire network who should be held liable for mass lie production, which tilts Americans to madness — a madness throwing them away from their personal interests.

These people have not yet realized just because you cannot explain something does not mean it is a conspiracy. Often, there are simple reason for apparent odd phenomena. These people go crazy when they see triangles and single eyes.

Triangles are great stabilizers and the single eye has been a symbol since the dawn of time. It has been used to represent Horus, YWH, and knowledge.

Heck, many freak out every time they see the back of a dollar bill it seems. I would hate to exist in their minds. If they really believe what they profess, it must be a very scary place within their mental regions.

Yes, there are a few people who control loads of wealth. This is not a conspiracy. This is simple human greed — a greed which needs to be curbed through the closing of loopholes in the law.

Yes, there is an immigration problem. Yes, there are Islamic people who are terrorists. This fact does not mean you ship everyone who is not exactly legal out and ban all Muslims from entering the country.

I think the key item of note with our border problem is to say the American people should not be required to cater to someone not knowing English and the American people do not have to pay for any welfare or healthcare benefits for people who come to this country illegally. We should also have laws in place that penalize companies from hiring illegal immigrants.

This should be the end of what we implement. We do not need to hurt illegal immigrants. We do not need to have mass deportations. We do not need to build a giant Great Wall of America.

We should treat America like a club. American citizens are automatically members. In order to take advantage of the benefits of the club, you are first required to become a member through the process of becoming a citizen.

If their own communities want to help them, that is great. This does not need to be funded by American tax dollars, which should be going to support American citizens.


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