The Difficulty in Niche Finding

It is difficult to find a niche. People think “Oh It’s easy.” I disagree. It is not easy to find a niche if you are male and not into sports. If you are are a sports fan, then it is easy. If you are not a sports fan, are sympathetic to the feminist plight, and are not really a gamer, then the difficulty compounds.

Most magazines on store shelves are catered to women. This is because women remain the purchasing agent of the house. If they are not catered to women, the magazines are often a news or sports magazine. I grant there are a few variety male magazines, but there are not many – especially, compared to the variety of female magazines on store shelves.

I think it would be great to start up a male variety blog. It would be a positive one dedicated to the positive side of male empowerment. This is not sexist. Women have loads of female empowerment mags. They are often positive. Many of the male empowerment mags focus on the chauvinistic side of male empowerment.

So, I will likely start up a new blog dedicated to that subject. It will have a short story section, a section of an important contemporary male icon, a section of an important historic male icon, a section dedicated to new gadgets, a section dedication to an adventure of some sort outdoor or scholarly.

Essentially, it will be focused on building up the male ego in a positive rather than a negative way.

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