Take Time ( poem/song)

Take your time

You say things are going to be fine

Take you time your say

While life unwinds

I am here

But never really there

What do you mean?

I am here

There is not key to be found

I am locked within my limitations

Take your time

You say things are going to be fine.

Take your time you say as life unwinds.

I am still trying to place

down the pieces And rub

And rub them against each other

In the hope they will fit

And form a picture.

Take your time you say

Things are going to be fine

Take you say while my

Life unwinds

Take my time

You say while refusing to lend a hand

Take my time you say

While my time sifts and shifts

Away granule by granule.

“Too High to Die” – Retread Album Review



The Meat Puppets were cited by many 90s grunge bands, such as Nirvana and Sound Garden as a major influence. Yet, few listen to them today.

The Meat Puppets most successful album was “Too High to Die.”

A band’s most successful album is not, necessarily, their best, however, a band’s most successful album is a great way to assess a band overall.

The first track on “Too High to Die,” is “Violet Eyes.” The track is ok, however, there is nothing about the track, which separates it from other alternative/grunge acts around the early to mid-90s.

The next track “Never to Be Found,” sounds similar and carries nothing extra. In fact, both tracks sound near identical to one another – as are the remaining tracks on the album.

There is an occasional guitar pick up, but not enough distinguishing markers between the tracks to carry a remarkable difference.

“Too High to Die’s,” most unique track is the country sounding “Comin Down,” and the hidden cover “Where do Bad Go Where They Die,” at the tail end of the album. (In fact, one could argue these are the album’s strongest songs.)

The other highlight tracks on “ Too High to Die,” are the album’s hits “Never to be Found,” and “Backwater.”

These tracks are decent, but they are not notable or distinguishable from other similar acts of the early to mid-90s. The lyrics of the songs are not awful, but they indistinguishable from lyrics written by the local area bar band.

“Too High to Die,” deserves a three out of five.

The Touch and Mix of You ( poem)

A touch of sassiness means you have a touch of personality.

A touch of naughtiness could mean you have a touch of tenacity.

Mix it all in with a paste of what is has or is meant to be.

Mix it all in with a pinch of bravery.

Dot it off with whiffs of humility.

Do what you will my dear.

Do what you will, but be sincere.

Say what you can… you know it endears

You to all, especially in moments when they tear.

After all, who wants a saint?

So lets lay on a paint of all your oddities and taints,

Though some may perceive this a little quaint.