Trump is a Fascist

Donald Trump said he wants to institute a database for all Muslims.  This is sounds awfully familiar what Germany did to the Jews.

The sad thing is most if not all the GOP front runners are using Fascist rhetoric to garner support.

I would not be surprised if the GOP has plans to institute a database system for all who disagree with them.

It has been said the Koch Brothers have been spying on liberals.

The flirtation with Fascist rhetoric and tactics is not new for the GOP.

The GOP has flirted with Fascist tactics in the past, such as, when the Bush administration instituted the Patriot act.

It was, during this administration, torture was used on prisoners held at Guantanamo bay.

I am not a fan of the Islamic faith, however, this is a free country and Muslims have a right to believe what they want to believe.

They also should not be penalized for this belief.

The first amendment of the United States Constitution ensures the separation of church and state. This separation protects people of all faiths. It protects atheists as well.

The Constitution says that no religious test should be instituted for any office in the United States.

There is no test because the constitution is a secular document. Secular means something is not attached to a religious dogma.