I like my internship so far

I like my paralegal internship so far.  Most of the people there are very liberal, which I like. I can also say I think Donald Trump is a scumbag and not get a nod. Everyone there agrees.

There were a lot of people at my work who participated in the Pride Parade, which is cool. It was too late at night for me to go to the parade.

I highly support the people I know who went and participated in the parade. I think I may be a bit too shy to shout and smile which waiting and watching a parade, thought. I think, perhaps, I am a bit too British to snap a selfie and cheer at such events. I tend to be a bit reserved. I am an introvert. What can I say?

Anyway, I find the work I am doing at my job easy. I also do not mind doing it. I, actually, quite enjoy it. It is also not that stressful.

Yes, I know we are dealing with a lot of stress oriented cases, however, the work itself is not that bad really.

Generally, a day consists of going through jail mail and categorizing it. Once the jail mail has been categorized and placed in its proper place, I either move on to in-taking or following up on phone calls.

Today, I started on a new task. The new task was preparing referral letters for calls I took in. The task was simple. Most of the letters are pre-prepared. The letter creation consists of  switching out a bit of information here or there.

At the end of today, I summarized the contents of a file. I did it quickly. I was able to do it faster than expected, while being very thorough.

The largest writing assignment so far was a bit for their training manual. I was able to complete the assignment quickly and I enjoyed doing it, though it was a bit dry.

Overall, I like the people I am working with there. They seem to like me and think I am doing a good job, which is good to know and a good feeling to have.