Start of Story (draft)

He inhaled the wind that rushed against his face. He looked out over the dense forest of the cityscape. He saw a zoo of forest animals go up and down the concrete. He saw them stride and glide up and down with their cell phones – some eared the glass other thumbed and tapped upon it.

He saw some standing at bus terminals. He saw others hailing cabs. He saw the whirl of the world and he whirled his mind back.

He thought of growing up from the dilapidated apartment sunk deep in the forest of the Brooklyn pavement. He heard of the sound of guns as he sped back and forth to school. He saw red fabric. He saw blue cloth. He thought of the white cops shoving his brothers and sisters against the front of the car as its lights flashed – keeping beat with the motions of the cops shoves and beats in the sun as they danced back and forth with violent motions on the concrete.

His mind raged. He felt his fist clinch. He knew he would make it. He would raise the fists and move the asses of the town with his beats.

He could  and would defeat the world with his rhythms and rhymes. He would stop everyone in his path.  No one would stop his furious flow and foam of mouth. He would rush from club-to-club with mic and spit his gob of gab. He would magnet in a record contract from his just-today Nero-burned demo. All his idols plundered and plodded the clubs and rolled in the contracts with flash-fresh mixes. Why couldn’t he?  He was just as good. He believed it. If he believed, others would to. He believed.

He believed if he believed it he could achieve it. It was simple. It was all about belief. Faith is all there is. Faith made man move mountains. The preacher said so.  So it was so. That was all he needed to know. If faith can move mountains it can move the hands and pens of corporate heads. He believed. This mantra was his holy writ. He would and could not question it.

Every man and women questioning it was a saboteur against him seeking to crush him.  They were like the vampires on tv draining away his life blood. He had to be like Blade and mentally slash them away with a sudden flash. NO! No one was going to psychic kill his psyched out dream.

He knew he should only fish in a fishery of friends deluded to his cry. He could have no dissenters. No one was allowed to question the reliability of his dream. To dream was to be American.. America was supposed to be a land of dreams. By dreaming and dreaming of dreaming on the dream he was his streets great patriot.

He did not think of the million others with equal flow strolling up and down the adjacent blocks. He did not think of barred locks on steel doors he would have to key through. He did not think of the finesse of the cons seeking to rack in his daily stack of bread crumbs.

If a man can do nothing but preach and preach with his own forced spin on Holy writ and rake in bread. I can just mouth my own spit and spin to buy my own plane. Yes, why can it have a limo. I am younger and better looking than his fat  ass. Why can’t I? Man the guy mumbles and shakes. The man looks like he is about to have a seizure. If his crazy ass can stack up cash, I can just as fast.

It is all in the name he believed. A powerful word. Yes, a world could hold power. It was like a the big bang. It was the entirety of the creation of a career.  He pulled out and pondered and waded through the dictionary he kept in his backpack. He had to think up a catchy name He had to find a name as good as Easy E or Jay Z. He to find to perfect mystic combo.  Once the mystic set of words were forged, the wadded green would blow in like a pile of leaves hit by a leaf blower

He did not think about much except his flow. He pumped himself up with the beats of his hood. He kept beat with the tales of his clan. The tribe was everything. He had to be loyal to it. It was family – a family sunk deep in weed smoke and blood, perhaps, but it was his.

Mr. Trump you are not Joan Rivers

Donald Trump looks like clown. He talks like a circus act. Yet, Donald is so much of a duck he feels the need to fill Joan Rivers shoes.

Trump also seems to suffer from Peter Pan syndrome. Politico’s Jack Schafer graded Trump at a 4th grade verbal score.

Rivers had a high level of verbal class and wit.  Trump is simply mean.

Rivers also had a sense of style. Trump has none.

Trump is attracted to bad toupees. Either that or he needs to fire his hair dresser. The cut of the suit also does not seem to suit him.

Despite this set back, Trump loves to downgrade models with statements such as “She is no longer a ten.”

I believe Mr. Trump is still in the I-gaze-at-girls-from-my-car-and-proclaim-how-hot-they-are phase. (Granted, many wanna-be-rappers do this to. Then again. Trump does have the attitude of a rapper. He loves to flaunt that gaudy bling.)

Despite his misogynism, he has loyal fan girls who say “You just have to take it like a cow girl.”

When I hear such statements, I think “If cow girls are mouse women, then they need to be introduced to Betti Friedan and Mary Wollstonecraft.” I think, once introduced to these writers, the misogynist cowboys would soon find themselves filling our divorce paperwork for the cow girls.

(Come to think of it, I really should buy a plane ticket and drop copies all over the American South.)

Joan Rivers pledged herself to style. Joan Rivers remained stylish till the end. Rivers died for the sake of style.

Rivers sacrificed herself on the altar at the Temple of the Perfect Look.  Perhaps, not the most intelligent aspect of life to die for it, but she was willing to give style every neurological and biological circuit for it.

Sadly, Trump is so deluded by his own image in the mirror he fails to notice his total grade of a 3 on the style meter. This inability to see and meditate on the grade leads me to think, perhaps, he suffers from a major case of eye-mirage. Well, some sort of visual distortion anyway – at least eye-impairment seems the only way to explain his choice of presenting himself to the world.

Trump talks a big fashion show, but his hair due would be an automatic disqualifier at a dog show.

July 2015 hottest month on record

This July was the hottest month recorded on record, according to scientific records from leading meteorologists. Yet, much of the Republican party claim global warming is a myth.

Either most of the Republican party is stupid or they do not care about the consequences temperature increases will have on the ice caps and the living organisms on planet earth.

All the big bribe takers of the party care about is lining the pockets of their donors. I suspect they don’t care because they plan on using some of the ill-gotten cash to build themselves underground vaults with underground greenhouses.

The extremist-right wing Christian fringe of the party do not care because they expect the rapture to happen around the corner.

The extremist right-wing Christian fringe believe attempting to stop global warming would be interfering in the plan of the Devine.

There is a big problem with extreme right-wing Christian reasoning. G-d is not causing atmospheric pollution. Mankind is.  Mankind is essentially going in with a flamethrower and burning away his creation.

So, whether you believe in G-d or not does not matter. The stoping-destruction-of-the-evironment-because-it-would-be-interfering-with-G-ds-plans argument is moronic.

This excuse is a pander for irresponsibility and greed on the part of oil companies and others who continually spew pollutants into the atmosphere.

Donald Trump Signature Collection made overseas.

I find it funny that Donald Trump claims he does not ship jobs overseas, yet his clothing line has made in China labels.

Yes, the Trump Signature Collection dress shirts have made in China lables. This is but one item made in another country on his not-made-in-America item lists. The 100-percent wool signature collection suits have made in Mexico lables.

The Trump is made of lie after lie – even his hair may be a lie.

Bernie Sanders on education

Many students across the country are tens of thousands of dollars in debt from college. The costs of college tuition rises each year. Much of the cost of education goes into unnecessary facilities or goes to increase the salaries of the heads of the college.

Most jobs today require a college education. Most students often are forced to take our huge loans in order to pay for this education. When they come out they are deeply in debt. The chance of paying off this debt is lowered when the student enters a job market with decreased pay and benefits.

The goal of higher education is to find a job, which would allow the student to adequately support him/herself and allow them to raise a family. It is meant to raise people up and not sink them into debt. The pursuit of education should not send students to the poorhouse.

Bernie Sanders believes public education should be free. I agree. I think we can use the money spent on unnecessary wars overseas and bank bailouts and corporate incentives to fund the education of the people of this country.

Bernie also wants to lower the interest on the already existing student loans. Personally, I think steps should be taken to eliminate this debt, since it is crushing the possibilities of our young men and women to go on to leading a productive life.

Many young people are forced to live at home because the job market does not allow them to earn a living wage.

Young people everywhere should look to Bernie Sanders as a hero. He represents what the rich corporate heads and Wall-street hate and I salute that.

Viva La Revolution Politique!

We must stand against Trump.

There is true evil in the world. You see it when you look into Donald Trump’s eyes. This is a man who cares for nothing except sum count of his bank account. He is practically a Superman villain. There is no difference between this man and Lex Luthor – both their souls steam with the same fume.

The only members of the American public who this man represents are very rich and very racist America. The only members of the American community he stands for are those who are systematically destroying America.

He stands with those who are polluting our atmosphere and poisoning our waters. He stands with those who have shipped jobs overseas. He stands with those who seek to privatise government programs, which aid countless American in need.

On broadcaste television, He proudly stated he buys out policians. He did so, as he made demeaning and sexist remarks about the commentor.

Such filth should come no where near the offices of the these United States. Such a man is not fit to be a dog catcher. (Afterall, one would fear for the safety of the poor dogs)

We must stand as a nation against this man. This man represents everything wrong with this country. He must be stopped. We have to stand together as one nation against him and his ilk. Everyone must go out to the voting booths on election day and vote against this evil parading up and down our landscape.

Viva la revolution politique!

Cafe Musing (poem)

Take a cup of tea with me.

Would you like some milk… sugar?

Is that a “Yes please?” Who will you be my dear?

A friend… a lover?


Oh, who knows? Let the evening pass on by.

It is too much to take in? After all, we both do not know how to begin

Our years are spaced and made of moments where we don’t know whether to smile or cry.

We just stare and look and guess what we chose to wrap our selves…our lives in?


Right now… the two of us here.

Yes, us two. Both you and I staring at each other – eyes facing eyes

Yes, somehow this is all. Yes, all that is needed, though we both see semi-clear.

Yes, both you and I… us two. Let us both let the clock tick by.


Shall you and I clasp and warm hands, as we stare at each wrapped in sweaters?

Shall you and I look at the snow fall, as we travel huddled down the highway?

You and I… shall we move along? Is there something better?

Shall you and I go now? Are we sitting here…both together…stretching out our stay?