Excerpts from the “Book of Rand” (i.e. the Right Winger’s central religious text)

Thus, it was said in The Book of Rand “The trees shall become timber and grass shall be laid in concrete and the air shall smell of gasoline. In this way shall your greed be satisfied. Thus, shall you build up your mansions, as you rob the widow and the orphan. In this way, shall the beasts of the field become runway purses and wall ornaments.” – The Book of Rand

“You shall pay no heed to the earth, nor shall you work towards its conservation. You shall not heed the word of the conservationist. You shall hunt the beast of the field to extinction. You shall lay the flesh of these beasts before yourself. You shall take the flesh of these beasts and grill it medium-rare. You shall take the first portion of the flesh and lay it at your own table. You can gorge yourselves. You shall call yourselves gluttons and gloat on your gluttoness” – The Book of Rand

Morning Musing (Poem)

I crept out of bed with a heavy head,

And strolled to the kitchen for morning coffee,

And seated myself at my computer and read

And thought upon the latest political calamities –

Political shouts to keep up flags of hate –

Political shouts to increase the till of those willing to bring the earth to a wasted state.


I crept out of bed with a heavy head

And saw men shouting for their own destruction,

And looked on loonies damning their offspring for their foreign bed

And raising their fists with mad shouts to beat them into submission –

Mad shouts calling for the death of sons with sons in sacred matrimonial –

Mad shouts calling for the death of daughters with daughters linked as testimonial.


I crept out of bed with a heaving head,

And took sips of bitter coffee mixed with sips of bitter ironies,

And pondered how long till I continue to call my country my homestead

And pondered how long till a dictator rises to cast and mold catastrophes –

My shouts call for peace among sons and daughters –

My shouts call for them to stroll and converse together not in tears but laughter.

Personal Inquiry (poem)

Who are we who are tossed into this world and sent screaming with each step –
A scream which contains both joy and pain with each puff of breath?
Who are we but forms built up and torn down and rebuilt –
A Holy Temple or a Tower of Babble?
Each step is a risk –
a step which can contain within its motion pain or joy.
Shall we raise a head up to sky or bury it in the soil.
Each moment sends a chill –
a chill which can paralyze our limb and compromise our ambition.
Each moment sends a chill,
which may send our feet speeding toward higher sense of being.
Each moment contains within it a test of of will –
a will told ¬†and filled with a test of our mental…perhaps physical constitution.
Shall we bless or curse each moment we are given.
Would it be easy … difficult fill our days will self promotion or depreciation ?
Perhaps, a subtle mix and balance between the two is what should be given.
May we find for each of us a muse
– to lift up out of the dust.
May we find an advisor to hold us back
– before we stamp off toward our destruction.
We need elevation
To lift us out of our shaded…enclosed outhouse waste
We need to placed back into our allotted shed
Before we flush others down with toilet paper.
Yes, we should raise our head, but humble our knees.