Intimate Conversation. (Poem)

Up and down mouth movements

Carry puffs of air,

Up and down mouth movements

Carry vibrations,

Which carry toward a receptive satellite

To retrieve, receive, commend, send fellow enjoining signals

To chatter up an answer to:

Joys, pains, hopes, reminisces, regrets.

To chatter up an answer to:

Victory, losses, penetrations, encumbrances.

Let the signal boomerang, swerve, curve, jump, fall.

Let the signal tighten, loosen, lower, heighten

Let the signal bring sadness, joy, pain, comfort.

Let the signal continue through the hour, day, week, month.

Let the signal continue on for a life time.

A Way Out (song)

They tossed you in the bin.
They labeled you a has been.
They said you would never matter.
They said you they would never have an after.

You wanted to know a way out.
You wanted to know a way to find out-
About a ticket flight on an albatross –
A clue to a light-bound pass.

Always left to work alone.
Always had to find a way alone.
Always had to deal with tricks –
Always had find a way round the risks.

You want to know a way out
You want to find out –
About a ticket flight on an albatross –
A clue to a light bound pass

Someday maybe you will find a hand.
Someday maybe you will find promised land.
Could be a lead to find today.
Could be a lead, perhaps, someday.

You just want to know a way out
You just want to find out –
About a ticket flight on an albatross –
A clue to a light bound pass.

Seasonal Small Talk (poem)

Oh, for all chit chats on the weather.

Oh, for the sake of small talk which may/may not be worth consideration.

However, I will proceed on with the letter.

Supposition supposes this is my supposed station.

What can I say of rain dripped from the sky?

What can I say of the water fallen from the rafters?

What can I say? I hope the dribbled, down-drawn drops do not get in my eyes.

What can I say? … I think glass fog is currently the matter.

What can I say of brightness rayed from big blue?

What can I say I say of warmth shot down upon the pavement?

What can I say?…. I hope the sun does not get in my eyes – big… blue…

What can I say?…. I declare glass glare my current statement.

What can I say of leaves shed from shady trees?

What can I say of leaves piling and messing the neighborhood?

What can I say?…. I wish leaf-stemmed dirt does not drift into my eyes to tease.

What can I say?…. I can speak of endless sounds of blowers round the neighborhood.

What can I say of snow drifted over and onto my head?

What can I say of water sewn up in chilled crystal flakes?

What can I say?…I hope freeze does not sting and send me falling on my head.

What can I say?…I can comment on slips, falls, ice-pile ups, as I shiver and quake.

Have I set the day right?

Have I have comforted with sawdust light phrases?

Has the conversation been a delight?

Has it been a release… has it set-you on today’s mazes?

Type (Poem)


Let your prose fly –

Fly over web, television, and radio waves

To reach the world – reach a million ears.


Let your prose sour –

sour over like a sweet melody –

Sung forth to each ear to be reiterated, perhaps reinterpreted in singsong.


Let your voice form a paragraph –

a paragraph formed like an orchestral symphony

Trumpeting the prosaic song.


Let your prose jive on –

Jive it… Yes, pound each valve  up and down.

Harp on! Blast each sentence with pride!


Let your prose shower –

shower out all your internal frustration

Like a hydrant of inspiration.


Let your prose pound –

Pound each-and-every word-filled inkling in tuneful key.

Strum it like a swift electric guitar strum


Let your prose amp –

Amp to full-blast

and throw you from in your seat.


Let your prose speak –

Speak each phrase.

Speak out each outrageous calamity.

Inquiring the Muse (poem)


What is genius?

Is it mystic ethereal dew…

Drawn from forbidden summits,

Bestowed to all but few?

Do tell. Do tell.


What is genius?

Is it the second step…

Few dare tread in fear of a disastrous

Crass, personal directed judgment?

Do tell. Do tell.


What is genius?

Is it a divine directed whim…

Purposed to flower, benefit to the populous

Of high and low men and women?

Do tell. Do tell.


What is genious?

We keep guessing… guessing.

You keep us pressing…pressing.

For the answer we keep asking…asking.

The wait is tasking….tasking.


Producers are often brilliant when they have been directors. Producers when they have skipped this stage of entertainment developed seem to lack a degree of taste when it comes to choosing scripts. Producers when they have skipped this stage of entertainment development bullhorn the cliché Hollywood does not read.

Well…they do read the popularity of the source upon which a script is based, however, weather or not the source is an appropriate subject to film does not seem to sponge into their mental process.

Several years ago it was a trend to make movies based off of video games.

Several years ago video game story lines consisted of lets shoot bad guy or scary abyss-spawned creature. Take for example the decision to make a film based off of “Doom”

The original “Doom” involved a square-jawed bulky homosapian running around with a variety of arms blasting monsters and demons, while collecting and sliding key cards into locked doors, and drifting into an elevator to do it once again on the following level.

Scenarios, such as the game “Doom” presents, are not good-enough to yield even an ok film.  This is because what makes a great video game does not necessarily make a great film.

The same rule applies in the reverse scenario. Video games based off of movies yield mediocre results.

This inappropriate medium-and-and-story scenario does not only apply to video games. There is a mound of literature, which should not be made into a film. Yet, despite this books which should be left as books sometimes, nonetheless, are filmed.

Literature, which does not work as a film tend to be books, which focus on the inner world of characters. These films do not make for good films because there is little action or action which can be placed into an interesting event-based visual narrative.

Books which make excellent films may not be great books. The Godfather is an ok thriller, yet the Godfather made a spectacular film.

A producer before picking up their green highlighter should read every script presented and think of the nature of the material before he or she decides to mark the script and label it set-to-be-filmed.

Why Arguments Against Same Sex Marraige Do Not Make Sense (commentary)

The arguments opposed to same sex marriage do not have weight.

The oppentents of same sex marraige have a personal-associative-relationhip-problem. Same sex marriage does not affect these opponents physical or psychological well being.

Same sex marriage does not cause a depletion of their bank account nor does it directly cause them physical or emotional harm.

Those against same sex marriage often claim these nuptials will destroy the family unit. Family units are destroyed by infidelity and lack of proper care and attention to ones spouse. The family unit is not destroyed by who one chooses to marry.

The other argument they present is same sex marriage is against the “Bible.”

This argument does not bode well because “Torah”-driven-ordinances and punishment are far more dashed out for the worship of idols.

The arguement lacks weight because there are many who pray to graven images in the United States.

For instance, Hindus pray to statues. Hindu temples are littered with statues and the pomp and service dedicated toward those statues. Should we ban Hindus from practicing their religion in the United States?

I doubt  Devine-ordained-destrution will occur from gay people becoming married, if divine-ordained-destruction has not occurred from Hindus practicing their faith in the country.

Also, “Levital” statutes say not to sleep with a man as a woman. A monogamous gay man does sleep with a man as a woman because he A.) Does not sleep with women B.) The process used to perform intercourse with a man, though it is sometimes used with women, is not a position used when one sleeps with a woman for the purposes of procreation. So, we can say most homosexual do not sleep with a man as a woman.

If you want to go further, many homosexual men do not engage in sodomy. They engage in philacio, which does not penetrate into the interior of a partner’s body.

If you want to go further, the punishments in the “Torah” are only valid if they are seen doing the infraction by two witnesses.

Unless one engages in intercourse in public, which one should not do anyway, one cannot be accused of a homosexual act.

Also, another problem with trying to implement “Torah” law is this code is only binding in the state of Israel and on Jewish people.

Since the United States is not Israel nor are the majority of people within the United States Jewish, “Torah” law is not binding.

Some opponents say “Just do not call it marriage call it a civil union.” Now I am not fully familiar with the differences between the two. Honesty, if someone wanting a different term has to with only allowing tax breaks for couples with children, then have tax breaks only available with couples with children.

Individuals in a childless marriage should not receive any tax breaks a single person is not entitled to.

A tax break should only occur when an extra burden is added on an individual or individuals. If there is not an added burden, there should be not additional tax break for the person.

Peering through a Shower (poem)

The steam rises from the ground

As the rush of water sounds

In whispers, as it pounds

… massages each and every pour,

Slides off every hair…

Down a dainty dermal cover –

Sours through the tiny curtained chamber.

What is that which it pelts a passing eye may savor?

Is it titan… nymph?

What is that the senses catch a whiff?

Is it an Olympian figure?

Is it a damsel decked in water?

Shall curiosity lean to creep a little closer?

Shall modesty incline to insist a pass over?

Ohio v. Clark

Monday – a Supreme Court decision, concerning the out-of-court testimony of a 3-year-old child-abuse victim, could affect a court’s interpretation of the Constitution’s Confrontation Clause.

Monday, at a daycare in Ohio, a 3-year-old boy walked into a day-care with bruises and bloodshot eyes.

The boy told a teacher his mother’s boyfriend gave him the bruises. The teacher reported the boy’s story to the police.

The Confrontation Clause states a defendant has the right to face his accuser. The clause states prosecutors are forbidden to bring testimonials of absent witness to court.

Since the boy is too young to attend the trial, however, the prosecutors want the teacher to testify in the boy’s place.

Prosecutor Meyer said a teacher is a private citizen and not a government agent and the Confrontation Clause should only bar the gathered evidence of absent government agents.

Jeffery L. Fisher, Stanford Law Professor and defendant for the man convicted of harming the child, said defense lawyers should have the same ability to talk to the child as the teacher.

The Justices questioned the credibility of the story, due to the child’s age. They questioned whether the confrontation clause applied to a potential witness too young to decide whether or not to help police find the person who injured him.

The Justices pondered whether the Constitution’s due process protection would be a better measure to judge weather to admit out-of-court statements of young children.

Justice Elena Kagan said the interpretation of the confrontation clause “doesn’t fit very well,” when applied to out-of-court testimony of absent 3-year-old witnesses.

The hearing ended without further alternative analysis.

Memory of a Lady Friend (poem)

Your brown, fur-lined coat fluttered in the wind,

As I gazed into your brown eyes.

Oh, what secrets did the wind send?

Oh, what sanctions were kept and cut-off in love’s tries?

Your lovely lips encrust time’s spent secrets

Sealed and buried inside canopic jars –

None shall reveal the mental fragments

Of our lives’ spent or wasted hours.

My errors and jealousies I do lament.

I stand here silent –


The remainder is a memory kept in neural lofts.

The cinematic flicker of lighted images never stops

It reels out afternoons spent in pizza delis.

It lights the scene, where we trod the stairs of museum galleries –

Where we stared at memories laid in oil.

I remember each room where we mused upon their and our collected oddities –

Where a menagerie of contemplation began to uncoil.

Today, we stand apart.

No response on your part.

I sit alone at my desk and muse upon your quiet syllables.

I sit and inhale our face-to-face coffee chats

Spent at chess tables.

As I sit, each move draws a memory map.

The lines and roads send my mind to and froe.

Whether mental travels will ever stop, I will never know.