A Little About Myself

Talk… I  would really like someone to talk to someone many times. I often feel alone. I have always been a bit awkward. I often get shunned at attempts of talking.

I like to question. I like to delve deep. I like to uncover. Is that so wrong?

Don’t go there. You are talking to much. You are sending a bit too many e-mails. What is wrong with you?

I have heard this over and over again. Some people have accused me of being gay. I am not. I have no issue with gay people. I believe in gay and lesbian rights. I do not have that attraction, however.

However, I seem to get labeled gay by many. I don’t know why. I don’t think it is right. I think I would know my own sexuality and if I say I am not I think people should believe I am not.

Most people do not take me at my word. Many view as odd. Many connect odd with gay. I am eccentric. I admit I am eccentric. Sometimes I wonder if I am really a nuisance, without realizing it. I don’t know.

I am just me I suppose. I often feel dizzy with confusion on what to do. Off-course, people who want to take advantage and control always have a thing or two to say to me.

I do not mind advice. I really don’t. I like to choose. I have always like the lines/ bits of conversation from

“Portrait of a Lady” when Ms. Archer says “I would like to know the rules” to which someone responds “Ah, so you can break them” To which Ms. Archer replies “No, so as to choose”

I do not claim any extra insight. I just like to question. I like to inquire. I like to sink deep in a book and ponder secrets hidden to many. I can be opinionated.

Perhaps, some time it take a little while to reason with me. I just want a good arguement. That is all. I want to hear soundness. I am willing to listen to sound advice. I really am.

Let me learn the why? Let me learn the how. I am always willing to turn my ears to listen. I just ask people to put forth effort in supplying me the reasons.

Things are not just so because they are so. There is a reason to things. I make a quest to learn this reason. If I am wrong then I am wrong. That is how I choose to follow along.

One thought on “A Little About Myself

  1. Ahh, so you have had the unfortunate Southern experience of “different” being equated with “gay.” So has just about every interesting, thoughtful & unique male I know who’s spent any time in The South. Pay no mind to the ignorance. Go ahead and “talk too much,” “send too many emails,” probe and argue, because you also listen. The important ones like to listen to what you have to say. Be glad you are naturally equipped with a internal superficial B.S. detector. It serves one well when separating the wheat from the chaff in friendships. There are those who understand. We signal to each other (even our precious children) at times when we need a break from talk, probing, arguing. And we do it in a kind and loving manner, so no one feels hurt, belittled, offended, misunderstood or excluded.

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