My Annoyance/ Rant At the Concept of Famous for Being Famous

Today, many are not famous for anything you have  done. Today, many are famous for being famous. Look at the Kardashians. I mean really. They are famous for being famous. Their father was the attorney on the O.J. Simpson trial.

Many, many lawyers have accomplished far greater feats than the attorney on the O.J. Simpson trial. Their effect on the nation as a whole was greater and far more noble. Do we hear about the kids of the  lawyers of Brown v. Board of Education. No.  Are their children plastered and showcased on prime-time television? Let me think? Let me think? Just one minute her. Uh…NO. No, they are not. They are not and they might even be far more interesting.

Youtube stars. Youtube stars are a case where I do not blame the stars, nor am I really all that irritated by them. Youtube stars, however, do not deserve the attention they receive… usually.

Fame on youtube really depends upon how cute you are. It does not depend upon how hard you worked and something of actual significance you have done to help humanity. It often does not even depend on the skill it took for you to create a creation of value.

The claim to your fame on Youtube is how unbelievably eccentric or cute you are. Oh, look at me I am wearing cat ears like a stupid anime character. Well…guess what? Look at me here not caring. No.. I do not care. No matter how much you dance. No matter how much you prance. I do not care. I am not even laughing. I am sitting her just rolling my eyes and surfing to another video or site.

If your are a kid, ok, granted, you are kind of cute. However, if you are an adult, what the Hell is wrong with you? No, you do not look cool. I do not think your costume is awesome. If you are female, no, I do not derive some strange fetish from what you are wearing.

I do not understand why you are purposefully embarrassing yourself. Is it Halloween? Even if its Halloween, when did the person designated to supposedly and is supposed to be the one handing out the candy become the tricker treater. I would really like to know. No on will tell me, however. Why won’t they tell me? Is it some sort of warped conspiracy? I will never know.

If you actually do something. Lets say write a book. You have a hard time making much money from this book, in most cases. Guess what? It takes a lot more time, energy and intelligence to write a book than be a cute dog or one of the idiots on the many many reality TV shows – even if it is a bad book.

So, do not talk to me about  people deserving  loads of money, from dressing in cute outfits, being dumb, or just being a son or or daughter of a celebrity with a show because they are the son or daughter of a celebrity.

I simply will not listen to you. I will roll my eyes at you. Yes, you. My eye roll will be directed toward all of you who insist they do.

One thought on “My Annoyance/ Rant At the Concept of Famous for Being Famous

  1. I roll my eyes also. Even my child does. At only 10 she wants nothing to do with our society’s celebrity constructs. She is almost repulsed by them. Every time we are at a store and near magazines, the grilling (at the top of her lungs) begins “Why do ridiculous magazines about celebrities exist”? “Who cares”? “What do we have to see these things everywhere”? I try to give a feigned answer to somehow justify their existence in hopes of teaching her the value of others’ points of view. Then, I think “What am I doing defending this vacuous, materialistic crap”? I’m proud to have a girl who looks for value and substance in life.

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